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Pratik Bhangire

Hey there, welcome to EmpathyBots – the world of Conversational AI and Marketing Automation. I’m glad that you’re here!

I’m Pratik Bhangire, a Chatbot Developer, Conversational AI, and Marketing Automation Practitioner.

My mission is to help people automate their repetitive marketing tasks through my services, in-depth guides, tutorials, and tool recommendations, so that they can focus more on scaling their business.

Pratik Bhangire, Founder & Creator at EmpathyBots

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I can help you to learn Conversational AI and Marketing Automation through my in-depth guides and tutorials.

Find Your Supertool

Find Your Supertool

I can help you to find the best Conversational AI and Marketing Automation tools for your business.



I can give you services such as Chatbot Development and Chatbot Marketing.

Questions You Might Have...

Chatbot is an automated conversational flow that can chat with your customers & answer their common questions.

Because the future is of Conversational Commerce. Today an average open rate for an email and an average engagement rate on social media is less than 10%. But, with chatbots, you can get the open rates up to 60-80% and it is also personalized, interactive, real-time, and Automated.

It can help you to generate & nurture leads, explain about your products or services, deliver helpful content, give product recommendations, and much more.  

Marketing automation is nothing but to automate repetitive marketing tasks by using automated workflows.

Because in this competitive era, you have to do a lot of tasks to get successful in the business. So, let machines do the repetitive tasks and humans do high-value tasks.

It can help you in your Marketing activities, HR processes, Sales processes, Finance & Accounting tasks.

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