Hey there, my name is Pratik.

I’m from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

I’m a Chatbot Developer, Conversational AI, and Marketing Automation Practitioner.

I have a background in IT-Software, as I’m an IT engineering graduate.

It’s been 5-years now since I’m working and experimenting in the online space, all the way from Graphic Designing, Android Development, Game Development, and Digital Marketing.

My first introduction to Chatbots and Conversational AI was in 2018 when I was researching topics for my engineering project.

Unluckily, at that time this topic couldn’t get approved, because it was a very new concept and no one believed that we could implement it.

After that, I forget about it because, at the same time I had entered deeply into the world of digital marketing and started experimenting with Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, SEO, and many more things.

In 2019, I started creating content on Instagram for my niche pages and from 2020, I started freelancing as an Instagram Strategist as well.

But, I was still in search of that missing link about my career, so I carried on my experimentation. And recently I was browsing on the Internet and found some articles about Conversational AI and got amazed by how this space got boomed in recent 2-3 years. 

Then, as I started learning more about Chatbots, AI, and Automation, I found it a very interesting and fascinating thing, also I was already familiar with Marketing Automation at that time.

So, after spending time practicing, building demo bots, and Automation workflows, I realized that it can be that missing link of my career. Because, it gives me that perfect intersection between Software Development and Digital Marketing, which I’m always in search of.

And, On September 2o21, I decided to start EmapthyBots.


Pratik Bhangire

Pratik Bhangire, Founder and Creator at EmpathyBots.com

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My Vision

My vision is to leverage this new age technology for the betterment of humanity and every other life on this planet.

My Mission

My mission is to help people automate their repetitive marketing tasks through my services, in-depth guides, tutorials, and tool recommendations, so that they can focus more on scaling their business.

Core Values