Hey there, my name is Pratik.

I’m from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

I’m Web3 Enthusiast and currently learning Full-Stack Ethereum Development and Crypto Investment.

I have a background in IT-Software, as I’m an IT engineering graduate.

It’s been 5-years now since I’m working and experimenting in the online space, all the way from Graphic Designing, Android Development, Game Development, and Digital Marketing.

Previously, I had entered deeply into the world of digital marketing and started experimenting with Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, SEO, and many more things.

In 2019, I started creating content on Instagram for my niche pages and from 2020, I started freelancing as an Instagram Strategist as well.

Now, I’m exploring the Web3 space and different technologies involved in it to build this next iteration of web including Blockchain, Cryptography, AR/VR/MR, AI, etc.

And documenting my learnings of Web3, Blockchain, and Chatbots along the way here on EmpathyBots.com.


Pratik Bhangire

Pratik Bhangire, Founder and Creator at EmpathyBots.com