WhatsApp Predicts 2022 Tech Trends For India Includes Chatbots, Messaging, & More

So, 2022 is here and as always a lot of predictions are coming out from experts for different sectors.

Similarly, WhatsApp predicts 2022 tech trends for India and shared the predictions that could transform the overall business scenario for the better.

WhatsApp officials have said in a statement that, “In 2022, the trends that will shape India’s journey to becoming a digitally inclusive and financially empowered society will come from the most simple, accessible, and scalable technology solutions that have the power to bridge the urban-rural divide and address local challenges”.

So, let’s see WhatsApp’s top 7 tech trends predictions for India in 2022.

WhatsApp Predicts 2022 Tech Trends for India

WhatsApp Predicts 2022 Tech Trends For India

1. Citizen Engagement and Governance

WhatsApp predicts that its participation in efficient citizen engagement and effective governance by city and state administrations will increase.

Like in 2021, the way WhatsApp chatbots played an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing authentic and useful information to people. 

Similarly, the trend will continue in 2022 as well and will enable citizens to access credible, authentic, and useful information and services easily.

2. Digitization of Small and Micro Businesses

Digitization of small and micro businesses will help them to revive in the post-covid scenario.

We have already seen the effective use of these social media platforms like WhatsApp by small businesses for fulfilling the basic grocery needs of people during the pandemic.

WhatsApp officials said, “Our free-of-cost WhatsApp Business App offers small and micro businesses tools and features, which can help them build a digital storefront and service their customers better”

“This digitization has offered entrepreneurs across India, especially women in rural India democratized access to customer bases and helps them grow and scale their business, further bridging the gender digital divide,” they added.

3. Multilingual Chatbots

As you may have known that there are very few nations that are as geographically, culturally, and linguistically diverse as India, where every few kilometers, languages change!

And that’s why WhatsApp predicts that people and businesses could largely adopt multilingual chatbots.

Because it’s capable of supporting and conducting conversations in different languages effectively and enables businesses to reach and scale their localization efforts.

4. Digital Payments

Digital payments will continue to boom in 2022 by enabling access to digital funds, digital banking services, micro-finance, and easy & secure transactions.

Digital payment services’ integration with social messaging platforms will enable people to make hassle-free transactions without leaving the platform.

And hence, WhatsApp Pay could play a key role in this ecosystem by providing a seamless and frictionless payments experience.

5. Services with Simple UI/UX will Scale the Faster

According to WhatsApp, services and products with simple UI/UX will have the opportunity to scale faster compared to others.

Because the number of internet users in rural India is increasing day by day and is predicted to surpass urban internet users by 2024-26 and most of them will be first-time internet users.

So providing them products and services with simpler UI/UX can lower barriers to internet adoption which eventually will increase digital adoption.

6. More and More Traditional Sectors will Go the Digital Route

During the pandemic, small to medium-sized businesses realized the need for going digital and in fact lot of them have adopted it as well. 

In India, experts say that the amount of digital transformation that has been predicted for the next 5 years has already been achieved during the last 2 years of the pandemic.

And, WhatsApp has predicted that trend will continue and more and more traditional businesses will adopt the digital route.

7. Business Messaging

In the recent survey of WhatsApp, they have found that more people are comfortable with conducting business with messaging.

According to the survey, 75% of people want the ability to communicate with businesses through messaging and 68% of them are more likely to do business and make a transaction with them.

So, the business messaging is also predicted to grow in 2022.

Ok, that’s it for this article, let’s conclude it now!


So, we just have seen WhatsApp’s top 7 tech trends predictions for India in 2022.

Please note that this guide is from the perspective of conversational technology and commerce.

Of course, there will also be other technology trends that will boom in 2022 which we have to keep our eyes on.


A chatbot is an automated conversational flow that simulates human conversation, either via voice or text-based communication.

UI stands for User Interface, which is the interface for human-computer interaction that includes all the graphical elements like images, buttons, colors, etc.

UX stands for User Experience, which is the process to design products and services that can provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

WhatsApp Pay is an in-chat UPI-based payment service that allows users to make payments to their contacts without leaving the platform.

Conversational technology is a method to communicate, get information, conduct transactions, and get entertained by conversing with an application like a chatbot or a real human.

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